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Attempts to conceive with conventional IVF are not always successful, and you may be hesitant to try again because of the costs. That’s why Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles offers mini IVF—a cost-effective and gentle alternative. 

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What is mini IVF?

Mini IVF uses reduced amounts of fertility medication to stimulate egg production, which results in fewer eggs being released from the ovaries. It offers lower costs, reduced side effects, and potentially broader candidacy, but is not without drawbacks. 


Discover why hopeful parents choose PFCLA


Comprehensive support

You’ll feel supported by everyone, from your knowledgeable and empathetic doctor to staff who make themselves available at all hours. In fact, we’ve been known to deliver needed medications in the middle of the night and provide assurances at three in the morning.



Take advantage of a wide range of financial services we provide, such as insurance referral and financial planning. Our doctors helped pioneer a revolutionary financial program that has forever changed the way reproductive medicine is practiced, making it affordable for more people.



At PFCLA, we welcome and create services that cater to all diversities, including that of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, orientation, family units, and incomes. Simply put, we believe everyone deserves the ability to pursue fertility treatments.


Top 3 reasons to explore mini IVF 



Lower cost 

At Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, we want every family facing infertility to be able to conceive, regardless of their financial status. Because mini IVF requires less fertility medication than traditional IVF treatment, it is a more affordable option. 

benefits of mini ivf


Reduced risk of OHSS

Mini IVF allows you to avoid daily injections of hormonal medications. This can reduce your risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This benefit may be attractive if you’re at an elevated risk due to having certain conditions, such as that of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).



Broader candidacy

Mini IVF may also be recommended for patients who have not been successful with other fertility treatments. This includes candidates with low or diminished ovarian reserve. Many patients who are opposed to traditional IVF treatment for personal or religious reasons may also prefer the low-dosage approach of mini IVF. 

How the mini IVF cycle works


Traditional IVF versus mini IVF

Although traditional IVF is a stronger form of treatment, many patients choose mini IVF because they’ve been unsuccessful with traditional IVF treatments and wish to pursue a more gentle medication regimen. Mini IVF is also ideal for patients who wish to minimize their intake of fertility medications and conceive with minimal hormonal stimulation. 

It’s important to note that this treatment may still require the use of other medications and hormone supplements. There is no standard protocol for mini IVF. By examining your medical history and unique situation, your doctor can help you determine which treatment is best. 

Drawbacks of mini IVF

When undergoing mini IVF cycles, your doctor will discuss some disadvantages that patients should take into consideration during your initial consultation. These disadvantages include:

  • Mini IVF has a lower success rate than traditional IVF treatment. In some cases, this can actually increase the cost of your services if you require additional treatment cycles.
  • This technique does not typically produce surplus viable embryos that can be saved and used at a later date, as with traditional IVF.
  • Some providers claim that eggs produced through mini IVF are higher quality than those produced using a standard protocol, but the supporting evidence is debatable.

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