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IVF Surrogacy at PFCLA

Rest assured knowing that your surrogate will be thoroughly screened before embarking on your IVF journey. Your dedicated care coordinator will oversee the entire process with your surrogate while your doctor and nurses will provide you with ample resources and support.

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What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

A highly successful fertility service, gestational surrogacy entails placing your IVF-created embryo(s) into the uterus of a trusted surrogate who will carry the pregnancy and deliver your baby. 

At PFCLA, you’ll be supported as you find your surrogate and prepare for IVF. Thoroughly screened for social, physical and psychological well being, many candidates are young mothers drawn to the program by empathy or altruism.


I'd recommend PFCLA to anyone considering seeking assistance in becoming a parent. They'll be met with kindness, and a staff that takes great joy in playing their role and creating and growing families.

Hear from our patient, second-time surrogate Emily Nobles, about her experience receiving successful IVF treatments and compassionate care from our Los Angeles staff.

The Best Candidates for Surrogacy

Many individuals and couples require a healthy, able-bodied woman to realize their dreams of having a child. Surrogacy is an excellent fertility service for: 

  • Same-sex male couples and single males
  • Women who cannot carry a pregnancy to term
  • Women for whom pregnancy would be dangerous
  • Couples that need or want a woman to facilitate the fertilization, pregnancy and delivery of a baby

The Surrogacy Process

At PFCLA, we understand that surrogacy can be a big decision. To provide you reassurance and guidance during the process, we follow strict guidelines to offer an ethical and positive surrogacy experience for all parties involved. Here’s what you can expect from the process:

  • Upfront surrogacy costs and predetermined payment plans
  • Strict surrogate screenings to verify the candidate is physically and mentally fit to be a surrogate
  • A legal contract to ensure all parties are in agreement and protected (Note: legal requirements depend heavily on location, but we will guide you through everything necessary)
  • You and your partner, or a donor, must undergo processes and procedures to create the embryo needed for your surrogate’s embryo transfer

Selecting Your Surrogate 

Selecting a surrogate you trust is essential. Fortunately, PFCLA has partnerships with some of the most reputable surrogacy agencies, with detailed and expansive surrogate networks in Los Angeles and throughout the country. Keep in mind that when choosing a surrogate, variables that increase the chances of a successful surrogacy are:

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Surrogates below 42 years of age are optimal for a healthy pregnancy and complication-free delivery.

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Medical History

The surrogate must be free of illness that could put themselves at risk and complicate the pregnancy.

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Pregnancy History

A clean OB history, with at least one healthy birth. There are additional requirements, such as fewer than four cesarean sections.

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Although weight can vary and is not the most important surrogacy factor, a BMI below 35 is recommended to lower chances of complications.

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Realize Your Dream of Having a Child

Grow your family with surrogacy and IVF alongside PFCLA. Our team is excited to be a part of your fertility journey and provide resources to match you with your perfect surrogate.

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