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Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation Can Help You Build Your Family

Sperm donation arranged by our Los Angeles, CA, practice can help hopeful parents realize their dreams of parenthood when other issues have limited their ability to do so on their own. At Pacific Fertility Center, we can help you select a sperm donor, facilitate the sperm donation, and assist in the insemination process.
If you are experiencing infertility due to a lack of sperm, low sperm count, or low sperm motility, you can still achieve a pregnancy using sperm donation.
Sperm donation is also beneficial for single women or same-sex couples who want a biological child. Many babies are born each year using this method with the help of our experienced team.
Donation Process
Whether you choose sperm donated by someone close to you or an anonymous donor through a sperm bank, it is vital for the sperm to undergo proper analysis. Before donation occurs, the donor is tested for HIV and any communicable diseases. If results are negative, the donor will enter a private room and provide a semen sample in a sterile container.
Our team can then perform a semen analysis to confirm the quality of the sperm. If the semen is of good quality, a fresh sperm sample is collected and frozen in liquid nitrogen via a technique known as sperm cryopreservation. These samples will remain frozen for a six-month quarantining until selected for artificial insemination or other fertility procedure.

Selecting Your Sperm Donor

At Pacific Fertility Center, we understand that choosing a sperm donor is a significant step in your fertility journey. When choosing your sample, it is important to take into consideration all the medical and genetic implications, which our doctors will gladly discuss with you. You can secure donor sperm by ordering through a nationally certified sperm bank or by asking a friend or family member. Sperm banks will provide an extensive medical history on the donor, as well as detailed information on their hair color, height, race, education, and interests. Once your donor is chosen and the analysis is complete, you will meet with your doctor to review the results and outline the next course of your fertility journey. Donor sperm can be used with artificial insemination (placing the sperm inside the uterus around ovulation) or with in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our team can help you decide which treatment is best for you and your health needs. Having the ability to choose your sperm donor can also reduce the risk of exposing your child to communicable diseases, and also allows you to control your future child’s exposure to problematic genes.
Having the ability to choose your sperm donor can also reduce the risk of exposing your child to communicable diseases, and allows you to control your child’s exposure to problematic genes.

What Are the Benefits of Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation helps many infertile couples, single women, and same-sex couples desiring to build the family of their dreams. Sperm donation may be a great solution for your family if you have been unable to conceive due to male infertility or want to avoid passing a potential genetic disorder on to your child.
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