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Setting the Standard for Fertility Services Since 1991

Next to going through assisted reproduction, choosing the people to accompany you on the journey is the most important decision you’ll make. For 30 years, people have been choosing the Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles--one of the leading fertility clinics in the world. With success rates that are among the best in the nation, we’ve been a part of over 13,500 happy, healthy births, creating families, and making dreams come true all over the world.

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Your Dreams Are Our Passion

The experience we’ve gained has prepared us for any unique request or unforeseen development. We’ve set the standard for best practices, from what makes an appropriate surrogate to transparency and ethics. People come to us because they trust our approach, have confidence in our abilities, and know they’ll be treated fairly.

We’ll support you, regardless of your walk of life. We’re proud to welcome everyone into our fertility clinic doors, from heterosexual couples to gay partners, single or married men and women, transgender men and women, and all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We believe that anyone who wants to have a family should have that option. And we’re devoted to ensuring that our clients have the most rewarding experience possible. We love what we do and it shows by how our clients respond. We’ve been blessed to have children of past intended parents come to us for their own assisted reproduction services. Our motivation comes from bringing newborns into the world, giving intended parents a family, and making our clients’ dreams come true.

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You’ll Be Supported, Financially and Emotionally

Going through assisted reproduction can be overwhelming. That’s why we provide intended parents, surrogates and egg donors guidance every step of the way. Our staff is available at any hour to answer any question. We work with intended parents to make their family possible, from helping with the financial side to providing comfort throughout their journey.

In addition to our reproductive services, we offer a wide range of other services, such as insurance referral and financial planning. Our consultations cover everything that intended parents—as well as egg donors and surrogates—can think of.

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Intended parents from over 75 countries choose PFCLA

Supporting Patients Across the Globe

We’ve made dreams come true for intended parents from over 75 countries. We know the ins and outs of shipping medications, blood and semen from anywhere in the world. We’re extremely knowledgeable, able to answer any question from citizenship issues to logistics. We hold strong relationships with top agencies, working with the best egg donors and surrogates to meet our patients’ needs.

Starting New Chapters for Families Since 1991

“There is no better team. They truly treat you like family. I would recommend Dr. Rodi to anyone struggling with infertility. Her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.”

Sarah H.

“Dr. Evans is unlike any healthcare professional I’ve ever met. Without her support, knowledge and capable hands, I would have lost my mind before we even started the IVF process.”

Amanda L.

Dr Sahakian is an amazing physician. He is very caring, incredibly knowledgeable and provides all the options for the future parents which gave us so much comfort.”

Michael M.

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Whether through IVF or using an egg donor or surrogate, we specialize in guiding intended parents—including LGBTQ+ members—through what can be an emotional and complicated process. People, including celebrities and royalty, come from more than 75 countries to take advantage of our exceptional treatment, support, and discretion. 

We work with the top egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the country, leading to ideal, curated match recommendations for our intended parents. Simply put, your dreams are our passion. Everything we do is to ensure you have the most rewarding experience possible. 

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