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Receive personalized and top-rated fertility care as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Contact us to explore inclusive variations of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and get your every question answered. Our staff is excited to help you embark on the wonderful journey of growing your family.

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“My husband and I decided to have a child through surrogacy. As a same-sex couple we tend to be nervous going into a situation where we bare our hearts, but we IMMEDIATELY felt like we were on cloud nine after our first visit. Dr. Evans and our surrogate made our dream come true. We are expecting a boy in December of this year!”


Passionate About Helping LGBTQ+ Couples With Your Fertility Needs

Feel confident that you’ll receive high-quality care no matter your identity or relationship status. At PFCLA, your assigned care coordination team and physician will guide you through a full range of fertility services that assist with fertility-related complexities unique to the needs of LGBTQ+ patients.

With the assistance of an egg, sperm or embryo donation as needed, growing a family becomes an inclusive reality with IVF. Simply put, we believe having a family is a right and will support you every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-conception.

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Third-Party IVF

For gay and lesbian couples seeking a biological relationship to their child, third-party IVF with a surrogate and egg or sperm donor can allow same-sex intended parents to bring babies into the world. We’ve pioneered the world’s first unlimited IVF cycle program, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll go home with a baby and keep your costs low.

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Reciprocal IVF for Lesbian Couples

You can now both take part in your pregnancy journey, one partner providing the eggs, while the other carries the pregnancy. This IVF treatment is available for lesbian and trans male couples, and offers world-renowned doctors and support at your side.

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Split Egg Retrievals for Gay Couples

Bring two new biologically related family members into your life by splitting the egg retrieval and fertilizing half with each partner’s sperm. This IVF treatment is available for gay and trans women couples, and is chosen for its cost-effective nature and ability to share biological ties with your newest family members.


Transgender Fertility

PFCLA is happy to offer fertility consultations and services to transgender patients, or individuals preparing to transition who would like to preserve fertility options for a future date.

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Choosing an Egg Donor

Select from carefully screened egg donors so you can have the healthy baby of your dreams. Selecting your egg donor is a weighty decision that will determine your baby’s genetic makeup. So it’s important you consult with your fertility specialist when making these decisions.

Our egg donor and surrogacy agency, Hatch, can help you find the perfect donor for your journey to parenthood.

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Matching With a Gestational Surrogate

For some couples, a surrogate may be needed to carry the baby after the in vitro fertilization procedure. Gain access to verified surrogates who have gone through our rigorous medical and psychological screening to join the top 5% of candidates.

Apply with our agency, Hatch, to find your perfect surrogate match.

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Patients From Over 75 Countries Come to PFCLA

Bring Your Family to Life With IVF

Patients come to Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles from all over the world to experience the care of an established fertility clinic. With California’s fertility-friendly laws and our highly selective donor and surrogate databases, our team can provide you with exceptional care throughout your family-building journey.

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13,500 Babies Born

PFCLA patients trust our approach and know they will be treated fairly. With your own personalized care team, you’ll be greeted by familiar faces every time you walk through our halls.


Financial Support

Don’t let worries of cost stop you from growing your family. Gain assistance on financial planning and insurance coverage from the clinic who led a financial program that has changed the way reproductive medicine is practiced.


13 Languages Spoken

All in an effort to make your dream come true no matter where you live. You’ll even receive your doctor’s cell phone number, so we’re never more than a phone call away.

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Still Have Questions?

Our doctors and fertility specialists are happy to address your concerns, uncertainties, and requests regarding your fertility journey. Contact us today through the link below or feel free to call one of our clinics during business hours.

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