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using an egg donor during IVF

Using egg donation at PFCLA

Low egg quality or production doesn’t mean you can’t welcome a new baby into your family. Let our established doctors help you realize your dreams of parenthood by facilitating IVF with egg donation.

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Choosing egg donation 

Picking your egg donor can be an emotional and weighty decision, which is why your doctor will evaluate your fertility before recommending this service. Your doctor and nurses will assess your health, prior fertility treatments and age to determine if egg donation is a viable option for you. 

Donor candidates are physician reviewed to ensure suitability from a medical standpoint, and to screen for genetic and psychological health issues so your baby will be healthy and happy. Our Egg Donor Program can help you find the perfect match. We are also happy to refer you to outside programs so you can compare all possible options. 

Good candidates to receive egg donation 

Egg donations are a wonderful service for: 

  • Women struggling with low or no egg production
  • Women with poor egg quality
  • Same-sex male couples and single males

The egg donation process

When using donated eggs, the only difference from a traditional IVF cycle is that the donor undergoes the egg retrieval instead of the intended parent. After the eggs have been developed into embryos, one is transferred into the womb of the intended parent or surrogate to adhere to the lining of her uterus.

Choosing between fresh and frozen egg donation 

Depending on your fertility goals, you can choose if you want to receive a fresh or frozen egg donation transfer. During a fresh transfer, the patient undergoes endometrial preparation while the donor undergoes ovulation stimulation. Alternatively, in a frozen transfer, the patient receives embryos that have been previously frozen until the patient decides the time is right for transfer.

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Top 5% of egg donor candidates

Only 5% of egg donors are accepted into our database. We thoroughly screen donors across many criteria during a rigorous application process.

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World-renowned IVF doctors

With physicians who have redefined the standards of IVF, PFCLA has helped conceive 13,500+ healthy babies worldwide.

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Comprehensive services

Access IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy all in one place to make your fertility journey as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

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24/7 support

You’ll have access to your doctor’s phone number, ancillary financial services, thorough screenings and complete support for peace of mind throughout your fertility journey.

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Learn about your egg donation options

Wherever you are in your search for an egg donor, you can reach out to our team to learn more. We’ve helped hundreds of couples complete successful IVF with an egg donation, and are excited to help you, too.

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