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A must-attend event for any gay man who wants to become a father. We will discuss the obstacles and unlock the path to parenthood.



Fertility Services

Conventional IVF

Counted among those physicians who have redefined IVF treatment standards, we have been instrumental in the births of more than 4,000 babies so far.

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PFCLA is one of the top international destinations for LGBTQ+ couples looking to build their families.

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Using an Egg Donor

PFCLA works with premium donors from all over the world, and treats quality surrogates across the country. This is an area of deep expertise for the clinic.

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Using a Surrogate

PFCLA specializes in surrogacy services. Our concierge coordinators are with you for every step of this complicated and emotional journey.

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Egg & Embryo Freezing

Egg freezing, is an option provided at our offices in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA, for women who desire to preserve their fertility.

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Other Fertility Services

PFCLA provides the latest medical treatments for infertility, and we carefully advise each patient of all the medical options.

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