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Your Fertility Services

Build the family of your dreams through assisted reproductive technology (ART). Your team of fertility specialists will guide you throughout every part of your fertility journey, from initial consultation to post-conception.

Family Building Tailored to Your Needs.

No matter your unique journey, PFCLA offers a full range of fertility treatments and services that cater to all shapes and sizes of families.

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Conventional IVF

Make your family a reality and experience innovative care that’s redefined IVF treatment standards to deliver over 13,500 babies.

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No matter your family identity, you’ll feel at home here. We work with everyone, from heterosexual couples to members of the LGBTQ+ community, single men and women, married or not.

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Using an Egg Donor

If you’re searching for an egg donor, please reach out to our team. We have helped hundreds of intended parents find their perfect fit through our highly curated matching process with our in house agency, Hatch. Fewer than 5% of our applicants qualify to be egg donors through our rigorous screening process.

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Using a Surrogate

Work with gestational surrogates across the United States who are clinically screened by our doctors, and undergo meticulous social screening through psych evaluations, background checks and extensive interviews with our agency, Hatch. Find your perfect match and realize your dreams of starting a family.
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Egg & Embryo Freezing

Punch ‘snooze’ on your biological clock and preserve your fertility with cryopreservation. Take control of your future fertility, and turn your dreams of a family into reality when you’re ready.

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Other Fertility Services

Whether you’re wishing to understand causes of infertility or increase chances of conception, PFCLA offers the fertility services you need to achieve your dreams of family.

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