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Testimonials from our patients

Your dreams are our goals. We are passionate about helping you achieve them, and our patients experience that in everything we do. Read some success stories from our patients and hear about their fertility journey with PFCLA.

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Mark A.

"Let me first say that next to God, Dr. Sahakian is the next closest person that has changed my life. I did extremely well in my professional life. The price that I paid, I never married. After my father passed away (5 years ago), I wanted to start a family. Due to my advanced age, I considered surrogacy. Long story, short – Dr. Sahakian and his staff delivered my first son on 12/6/17. I was blessed with a wonderful son and had moved forward with another IVF surrogacy. Everything is on track – I am scheduled to be blessed with my second son by late Oct 2019. From the start, I have learned that in this process to start a family, nothing is normal or guaranteed. Prior to my 1st son’s birth. I went through 4 egg donors and 3 surrogates. But at the joy of seeing my first son each morning, I would do it all again, without a doubt. Julie Jin was great in my second IVF journey."

Emily N.

I'd recommend PFCLA to anyone considering seeking assistance in becoming a parent. They'll be met with kindness, and a staff that takes great joy in playing their role and creating and growing families.

Hear from our patient, second-time surrogate Emily Nobles, about her experience receiving successful IVF treatments and compassionate care from our staff.

Amanda L.

"Dr. Evans is unlike any healthcare professional I’ve ever met. Without her support, knowledge and capable hands, I would have lost my mind before we even started the IVF process. And after the first failed attempt. And after the second failed attempt. It wasn’t easy, and she had her work cut out for her, but Dr. Evans helped give us the gift of two beautiful babies–boy/girl twins now just over two months old. Both happy, healthy, incredible human beings. I should note that I did in fact get pregnant all three tries but, like I said, there are ups and downs in this journey and I wouldn’t have traded Dr. Evans for anyone else during those difficult phone calls or office meetings. If you stick with it and trust that she knows what she’s doing, has years of experience, and is your greatest resource (far better than the Internet!) during this whole process, you too will find success and joy. Be strong, be well, and best of luck to all of you."

Brittnie G.

"After deciding to get serious about starting a family. I tirelessly searched all fertility doctors in our area by rating and reviews. I found that PFCLA had the most positive reviews. We booked a consultation with Dr. Sahakian. My husband and I immediately loved his vibe. He was cool, very informative, and he answered all of our questions. We had a clear plan of action and we were excited to start the journey (shots, nausea and all 🙂 Even though we did have to cancel our trip to Tulum due to Zika virus, it didn't matter because we were so excited to start our journey to build our family. LOVE the front desk and the nurse staff. They are so sweet and caring and having their extra support has made this whole process more enjoyable and less stressful for me. I highly recommend PCFLA for help with fertility. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support PFCLA xo"

K. D.

"The best of the best. I honestly can’t imagine having a better doctor. She is incredibly kind and compassionate. My husband and I decided to have a child through surrogacy. Dr. Evans put us at ease and was very positive and confident throughout the entire journey. We found ourselves looking forward to our visits with her and her staff just to get a boost in optimism and motivation that this WILL work. Most importantly she made our surrogate feel like the most important person in the world – which is what we liked the best.

As a same-sex couple we tend to be nervous going into a situation where we bare our hearts, but we IMMEDIATELY felt like we were on cloud nine after our first visit. She made our dream come true. We are expecting a boy in December of this year!

Dr. Evans has an amazing staff. We worked very closely with Cynthia, the wonderful and knowledgeable coordinator. Cynthia was available to us at all hours. If our surrogate had a question on a Saturday Night, Cynthia responded to our texts.

While Dr. Evans and her staff have accomplished their goal and we move on to our next step, we look forward bringing our child into her office and continuing this lifelong bond and friendship."

Anna B.

"This Yelp review is LONG overdue (he helped get me pregnant in 2015). Dr. Sahakian is wonderful. Plain and simple. He has not let the years of doing this (successfully) desensitize him at all. He cares about his patients and he gets us pregnant. I never ever thought it would work and bam, he made it happen. He is so personable. He communicates directly with you. He works with you. He listens to you. He is a safe space in a very scary journey for some of us dealing with infertility. I loved the acupuncturist Wendy (I hope she is still there for the next rodeo), wonderful nurses, and staff. I never once had a difficult time with the financial end of things either. It’s a beautiful office and the wait time is never long. I wanted to give PFC this recognition and recommend them to moms who are out there trying to find a place they can trust and invest in."

Angela H.

"I am a gestational surrogate who has worked with Dr. Evans and her staff on two journeys, starting in April of 2013. I have gotten to know her well, and have been nothing but amazed by her care. She is such a talented and caring reproductive endocrinologist, and those are two characteristics that are hard to find in a doctor of her caliber. It would be no exaggeration to say that I love her!

Dr. Evan’s knowledge of procedures, medication, and current studies/statistics is unparalleled. When you combine that with her genuine care for her patients, it is astounding. I have never felt rushed in appointments, and I am a HUGE question-asker. She is patient with me, and always answers my queries and replies to my emails in a speedy manner. My questions haven’t always been medical either. I remember one time when I was struggling, and she called me on a Saturday and talked to me on the phone for almost an hour as we made decisions and addressed my concerns. It is not lost to me that she sacrificed some valuable time to do that, as I know she is in high demand and has many patients.

One thing I LOVE about Dr. Evans is that she uses needle-free therapy during the IVF process. I don’t know if that was just my situation, but it was amazing. I also noticed, compared to other surrogates I’ve met along the way, that in addition to the needle-free medications, she also didn’t seem to over-medicate me with any unnecessary hormones. During all of my procedures she has been nothing but thorough on all post-procedure instructions. I always knew precisely what I was supposed to do. I had successful twin and singleton pregnancies, and I 100% attribute it to her careful planning and care.

I feel truly blessed that I was able to work with her during both surrogacy journeys. Because of her, two families had their dreams come true. She introduced me to four of the most important people in my life, which multiplied into seven of the most important people in my life. She is THE BEST in the business!"

Alicia G.

"After reading some of the reviews on here I had to write my opinion. First let me acknowledge that about a year ago they outsourced their billing to a different company who sent me bills for items that I know I paid. The issues got resolved after several calls and I was happy.

The front office staff and the girls in the back are amazing! They helped me deal with all of the emotional turmoil that I went through. They told me good luck when I went through implantation. When I finally got pregnant they were excited with me. And best of all for me being a young married black chick (yes I said chick), I was happy when he (Dr. Sahakian) hired some nursing staff that looked like me. Erika (who shows you how to use the medication) always makes me feel comfortable and I don’t feel like just another number. The receptionist in the front knows my face when I come in and they say, “I already got you… Go ahead and have a seat”. It’s like Cheers without the alcohol.

Now the best part- Dr.Sahakian. He is AMAZING!!! I love his blunt honesty. He makes money, but he doesn’t just do it for the money. He doesn’t hold back and try to sugar coat any issues you have. I went through 3 IVF cycles. I got pregnant on the second one. The first one I messed up because I had to go to the bathroom so bad and couldn’t hold it after the implantation. I lost the baby after about a week on the second one. The third one I got pregnant with TWINS! I made it to my second trimester and had a miscarriage while I was on my birthday/anniversary cruise with my husband. I researched doctors before I came here. Their payment options have given me the opportunity to afford a child that I never would have without Dr. Sahakian. He knows his stuff. I recommend him to anyone who is trying to have a successful pregnancy.

Lastly the remodel that they completed about a year ago is beautiful. It makes me feel like a princess or like I am in a spa oasis. They even have a TV in the room with cable when you do the implantation. Most of the bad reviews are about billing, but with their payment options, the lives and children that they help women bring into the world, their knowledge, success rates, and great supporting staff, they are worth every penny.

PS I’m starting a new cycle this month. Wish me luck!"

Desiree R.

"Stop looking right now! Dr. Evans is the BEST at what she does and I am so grateful to have found her when I did. I had previously been seeing a fertility specialist recommended by my healthcare provider for over a year and each visit I left feeling more frustrated than the visit before. I had several consultations with others as well and I always left feeling one thing- this is a cash grab for every one of them. I could have paid out of pocket for fertility treatments anywhere, if that’s what I wanted. But this was not at all the case with Dr. Evans.

In the consultation, Dr. Evans does a thorough exam and discusses options instead of forcing anything down your throat. She, along with her office staff, are very compassionate, which is what one needs when struggling with infertility. Dr. Evans takes the time to explain everything in detail and answers any questions you may have. Another huge plus is that her office staff is available during off hours to schedule appointments as needed–which was a huge disappointment in my previous experience with the other place, who didn’t respond to any messages outside of their M-F, 8am-5pm timeframe.

After 1 failed attempt of IUI, I became pregnant on the 2nd try and I recently “graduated” from Dr. Evans’ care. It was bittersweet to say the least, as I only wish Dr. Evans could see me through this entire pregnancy. Not only is Dr. Evans the best fertility doctor in the area and beyond, she isn’t afraid to show you she is human with emotions like the rest of us. That is what was most important to me throughout this journey."

Anonymous Surrogate

"I’m a gestational surrogate. I’ve been through 4 surrogacies and Dr. Sahakian has been my RE for all of them. I’ve gotten pregnant on the first try all 4 times. Dr. Sahakian is an amazing doctor and an incredible person. He has always been there to answer my questions, even when I was no longer under his care. He has really gone out of his way for me. He’s great. My intended parents have all been similarly impressed with him. My most recent couple had worked with another RE and when we matched I insisted that I would only work with Dr. S. They were a bit off-put, but agreed and now exclaim how glad they are they made the decision to do so. They had no problems with their previous RE, but say that Dr. Sahakian is 10 times better."

Maria W.

"Dr Rodi is a Godsend. After a number of complications, Dr Rodi helped me to get pregnant. I am 44 and I am expecting in May. I first contacted Dr Rodi when she was practicing at UCLA and I followed her when she moved to PFCLA. Dr Rodi always made herself available, whether it be last minute appointment or via text or email if after hours. I have rarely felt as cared for and the whole experience was very personal beyond belief. I had complications and was very anxious throughout the first trimester, so I spent a lot of time with Dr Rodi and she was always very realistic, and optimistic with comforting advice. I am already very excited to be able to introduce my baby to Dr Rodi in the not too distant future. My husband always made fun of me that no matter what he or anyone else said, I did not feel safe until I had spoken with someone from Dr Rodi’s staff or actually Dr Rodi herself."

Michael M.

"Dr Sahakian is an amazing physician. He is very caring, incredibly knowledgeable and provides all the options for the future parents which gave us so much comfort. The process was very tedious for us, I am not going to lie, but he and his staff were there for us the whole time, day or night. The nurses are very caring and it truly feels like a family atmosphere. He is very honest and straight to the point which made us so appreciative so we did not build false hopes. My wife is pregnant now and it is because of Dr Sahakian and the kind nurses. Thank you so much as words can not explain our appreciation for what you helped us achieve so far. We recommended them to anyone who is in need of help. Thank you again."

Sneha S.

"After trying several doctors in Los Angeles, I got a reference for Dr Rodi. Guess what she changed my entire world and I am pregnant now in my first trimester. She is so optimistic and gives you that support whenever you feel low. If someone knows how to make it work that is Dr Rodi. You will not find a better team than Dr Rodi’s. They will help you out right away whenever you need the most. Words are not enough to express how lucky I am to have found her. She has won many awards for her work and now I know why. She will hug you when you need it the most and tell you don’t worry it’s just a matter of time and be patient. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to conceive. For me she was an Angel in my life."

Yesenia O.

"I am very grateful that after a very long time trying to have a baby I finally found Dr. Sahakian online. I called him and when we spoke on the phone the very first time he explain the whole procedure and answered all my questions he then asked me, “Would you allow me to be your Doctor?

I live in the bay area and it was worth it going all the way to L.A to have my invitro done. He is very professional and with a lot of years of experience. I cannot count how many times I went to LA sometimes on an emergency basis because my regular OB in my area just did not know or could not see my sac or fetus, of course I would panic. I would call Dr. Sahakian and he would perform an ultrasound, and in less than 5 minutes he could see my baby immediately — even if he was only 4 weeks– reassuring me that everything was ok.  I had my egg retrieval 4-28-2014 and a 3 eggs transfer 5 days later. When I checked my HCG levels they were above 200, confirming my pregnancy. I went back and forward several times to L.A each and every time Dr Sahakian was very caring, and understanding. I have already recommend this Doctor to friends and family. Now my baby boy is 4 weeks old. He was born on 1-27-2015 and I cannot thank Dr. Sahakian and staff enough."

Sarah H.

"Dr. Rodi is the best and most intelligent physician I have encountered. After struggling with infertility for some time, we went to Dr. Rodi feeling hopeless. She assessed our issues and immediately came up with a plan to help us get pregnant. She spent a lot of time with us, making sure we felt comfortable with how everything would proceed. She was very patient and was able to answer all our questions based on research and her experience. She is a no-nonsense type of person, so she can be very to the point, but she is very warm and only wants the best for her patients. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant after one round of IVF, and I have absolutely no doubt it is because of Dr. Rodi’s skill.

There is no better team. They truly treat you like family. I would recommend Dr. Rodi to anyone struggling with infertility. Her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.

Z. J.

"Dealing with a fertility issue is probably one of the most stressful situations you will face. It is a true test of your marriage and your strength as a human. From the very first time my husband and I walked into PFCLA to meet with Dr. Sahakian, our experience was nothing short of exemplary. From the moment we sat down, Dr. Sahakian could tell how nervous and frustrated we were with the situation we had and how anxious we were for making our dreams of becoming parents become our reality. My most favorite attribute of this amazing Dr. is that he does not sugar coat or down play anything but at the same time he is extremely compassionate and caring about our feelings and emotions as patients. After running our tests he gave us a thorough diagnosis and then a very precise step by step plan on how to proceed. While this process was very long and tedious and emotionally draining, Dr. Sahakian supported us through it all including on how to stay strong emotionally and mentally and was like a rock to both my husband and myself when he could feel that we were getting weak. Dr. Sahakian not only has made our dreams of becoming parents become our reality but he also taught us both how to be patient and positive every day and the end result is that we have been blessed with our miracles. If you want a Doctor. that is extremely devoted and knowledgable, HONEST & doesn’t treat you like a dollar sign, then make an appointment and see Dr. Sahakian. I recommend him with every ounce of confidence and if it is in your destiny to have children he will make it happen. He does not over-promise but he definitely over delivers!!"

Anonymous Gay Couple

"I’m a gestational surrogate. I’ve been through 4 surrogacies and Dr. Sahakian has been my RE for all of them. I’ve gotten pregnant on the first try all 4 times. Dr. Sahakian is an amazing doctor and an incredible person. He has always been there to answer my questions, even when I was no longer under his care. He has really gone out of his way for me. He’s great. My intended parents have all been similarly impressed with him. My most recent couple had worked with another RE and when we matched I insisted that I would only work with Dr. S. They were a bit off-put, but agreed and now exclaim how glad they are they made the decision to do so. They had no problems with their previous RE, but say that Dr. Sahakian is 10 times better."

Heather L.

"Doctor Sahakian is amazing!! The office staff is amazing as well! They called me everyday while I was having treatment, checking in on me and seeing if I needed anything. Dr. Sahakian always returns phone calls and email personally. His clinic is clean and very safe! Dr Sahakian is very upfront and to the point, which I love! I’ve had doctors beat around the bush and I hate that. We have done one IVF with him and we find out today if it’s positive! Even if it’s not I would go back to him for # 2! All of the staff is great and helpful. From day one of calling for my free consultation even to now they are still emailing me. Now that’s great customer service! I recommend him to every girl I know that needs help. This is not an easy journey and he and his staff and made it so less stressful and easy! I don’t have any issue with billing either. I paid all out of pocket and their payment plan allowed us to conceive our baby. You cannot go wrong with this clinic! Thanks so much Dr Sahakian!! I can’t ever thank you and your staff enough!

First, I want to say that if you’re embarking on the fertility treatment journey, you must come to peace with the fact that this could be a long road. It will have bumps and crazy turns and it is not for the faint of heart…but you’ve chosen the best doctor you can find to guide you through it. Statistics are well and good, and I’m sure PFCLA has competitive ones; but at the end of the day, you want a doctor who can hold your hand through the tough choices and heartache just as well as the doctor who gets lucky enough to get you pregnant (and keep you pregnant) on the first try."

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