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Fertility treatments for intended parents

You deserve the best possible care and a transparent look at associated costs throughout your fertility journey. Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles has been at the vanguard of defining standards of transparency and care, leading the way toward cost containment and inclusivity.


Infertility is challenging. Your financial options don’t have to be.

At PFCLA, we understand that insurance benefits and financial options can be difficult. Confusion and uncertainty about finances and other unknowns of your fertility journey can often prevent you from moving forward with fertility treatments. You’ll be guided closely throughout the financial and insurance process with your financial coordinator to ensure a seamless path toward parenthood.

If you're a US resident, we offer financing with approval granted for qualified applications within 24 business hours. If you have received pricing from another clinic, please feel free to share with us and we can provide a compare and contrast of the costs so you fully understand all your options.

Pre-cycle lab work

Before you begin any treatment cycle, you may need certain tests to determine the cause of your infertility. You’ll receive a superbill before services, so you can discuss the possibility of coverage with your insurance carrier. 

Payment is due in full at the time of your service. PFCLA works with most PPO insurance companies, and we bill them for these services whenever possible.

Fertility medications

When fertility medications are not included in your PFCLA package, you can purchase them at your pharmacy of choice. Many medications used in treatment can only be purchased at specialty fertility pharmacies.

IVF cycle fees (all PFCLA program plans)

Cycle fees are due in full before you, your surrogate or donor start fertility medications. After you consult with your physician and decide on a treatment plan, PFCLA’s financial coordination team will send you an invoice. Once payment is received, you will be connected to your coordination concierge to start your fertility journey.

Outside lab charges and shipping costs

Not all PFCLA plans include lab tests, and some of the required lab tests will refer you to an outside laboratory for processing. The outside laboratory will either bill your insurance on your behalf and send any applicable balance bills back to you, whereas other laboratories require you to accompany the specimen with payment.

While PFCLA does not charge for collecting these specimens, we do incur Federal Express expenses related to shipping. You will be responsible for paying packaging and shipping costs.

Fertility services

Fertility preservation

Plan ahead and secure the future of your fertility so you have peace of mind when you’re ready to start building your family. Speak with a financial coordinator for full details. 

Egg freezing                                                   

Plan ahead and preserve your eggs to increase your chances of pregnancy in the future. 

IVF embryo freezing (conventional)

Fertilize and save your embryos from IVF to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy when you’re ready. 

Frozen oocyte embryo transfer (FOET)

Preserve your fertility by freezing your embryo until you’re ready for fertilization in the future. 

Frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET)

If you have underlying health challenges, reduce risks associated with fresh embryo transfers and bring new life into your family. 

Services for third-party IVF

Feel confident your donors and surrogates are prepared for success with PFCLA’s third-party IVF plans. The corresponding cycle fees are due in full before you, your surrogate or donor start treatment. Terms and conditions apply. Speak with a financial coordinator for full details. 

Single cycle (using both egg donor and surrogate)

For intended parents using both a surrogate and egg donor, seeking one retrieval and one embryo transfer. 

Single cycle, unlimited transfers

For intended parents using both a surrogate and egg donor, seeking one IVF cycle with unlimited transfers. 

Unlimited IVF until live birth (donor/surrogate)

Feel confident you’ll walk home with a new family member on the way with unlimited retrievals and transfers cycles until live birth. 

Frozen embryo transfer 

Create your newest family member by using your own embryo during the embryo transfer procedure. Additional fees apply if using a surrogate or embryos from outside PFCLA. 

IVF with egg donation (single cycle)

Realize your dreams of becoming a parent with the support of your selected donor’s eggs to achieve a healthy, successful pregnancy. 

IVF with surrogate (single cycle)

Bring your new family member into the world with a trusted surrogate and world-renowned IVF treatment. 

Other fertility services

The following services include in-cycle blood tests, in-cycle ultrasounds, coordination and 1-year storage.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Increase your chances of a successful pregnancy by maximizing the possibility of fertilization with PFCLA’s IUI procedure.

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGD)

Select the best sperm and egg and lower your risk of passing on genetic conditions to your children by selecting the strongest, healthiest embryos.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Achieve pregnancy amidst male factor infertility issues and increase the likelihood of a successful IVF cycle with this revolutionary procedure.

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Accepted methods of payment

For your convenience, we accept wire transfers, personal checks (USD), and all major credit cards. A fee is incurred for credit card transactions and returned checks.


PFCLA works with all major insurance providers

If you have IVF coverage, please send a confirmation from your insurance company stating which services are covered. If your insurance does not cover 100% of the services you require, you will need to put down a deposit before the cycle of treatment begins.

Doctors Vicken Sahakian, Michele Evans, and Ingrid Rodi accept the following insurance:


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