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Preserve your fertility with frozen embryo transfers

Preserve your fertility or give yourself welcome downtime between IVF procedures with frozen embryo transfer (FETs). Meet with an established physician to discuss all the possibilities FETs can provide you during your fertility journey.

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Discover frozen embryo transfers (FETs), a successful service designed to help you achieve pregnancy within a more flexible timeline. At Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, your dedicated care team will make sure you’re comfortable and at ease during your entire treatment.


What is a frozen embryo transfer?

The frozen embryo transfer (or FET) is the last piece of the IVF process, and entails transferring a frozen embryo into the uterus of an intended mother or gestational carrier (or “surrogate”). While this sounds like one of the simplest steps, this is where the technical expertise difference between a good doctor and a great doctor can determine success.

During the transfer procedure, a very thin catheter (tube) loaded with the embryo(s) is placed gently through the cervix and into the uterine cavity where the embryo is implanted. Anesthesia is not typically required for this procedure.

The transferred embryo will be one of the viable embryos created from eggs that were retrieved during the egg retrieval procedure. Because an embryo transfer typically uses just one of these embryos, patients have the option for multiple transfer attempts. Embryos can be stored safely for many years. In fact, a healthy baby has been conceived from an embryo that was frozen for 19 years! As of 2020, nobody knows the limit for how long you can keep your embryos -- but it’s a long time!


Learn why intended parents turn to PFCLA for frozen embryo transfers


Advanced fertility methods

We’re proud to provide you with only the latest technology in the fertility industry, throughout the retrieval, freezing, and transfer of the embryo. During your consultation, your doctor can carefully explain all IVF and FET procedure options.


Extended IVF treatments

On top of gaining the flexibility of fertility preservation, a great benefit of FET is that it can extend the success of a single IVF treatment. This procedure can even provide the opportunity for more than one pregnancy.

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Unparalleled success rates

Multiple studies show that the success rate of FETs is just as effective, if not more so, than fresh embryo transfers. The FET method also creates less stress on the body and requires less medication during procedures.


It’s our mission to help you conceive and provide you with the highest level of service and care during your entire treatment.

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