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Detect Genetic Disorders with PGD and PGS/PGT-A

Reduce your chances of passing on hereditary genetic conditions with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and screening (PGS/PGT-A). Contact us to speak with a fertility expert that can help you address this concern.

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While undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, you or your partner can ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy by screening the embryos before going through the embryo transfer procedure. Your doctors will explain in further detail what happens during these tests and provide you and your partner with information on what to do next after completion.

Benefits of PGD and PGS/PGT-A

Preimplantation genetic testing is a rapidly evolving area of reproductive science, and is beneficial for you or your partner to identify genetic disease and chromosomal abnormalities before conceiving. A baby's gender can also be determined through these techniques, allowing you to select a gender if desired.

Uses of PDG Testing

PGD is used to identify a specific disease which you or your partner may already be aware of, and test for the probability of it being passed down to your baby. An example would be Cystic Fibrosis. 

Uses of PGS Testing

PGS (also known as PGT-A) is used to examine your embryo's overall chromosomes level if you or your partner would like to find out about any potential genetic abnormalities. This is often performed if you are older than 37, as advancing age increases your eggs' risk of genetic abnormalities. 

Note: If you’ve had numerous miscarriages or repeated IVF failures you are also a good candidate. Some intended parents simply use PGD or PGS to increase the chances of conceiving.

What To Expect During PGD and PGS Procedures

Over the past 20 years, vast improvements have been made in embryo biopsy techniques and genetics technologies, increasing your chances of conceiving. Here's what you or your partner can expect for one or both of these procedures:


  • During IVF, your or your donor’s eggs are either harvested and fertilized with sperm in the laboratory.
  • PGD or PGS takes place after the second stage of IVF. The fertilized embryo is cultured for five to six days until it reaches the blastocyst stage (made up of hundred cells).
  • Your embryologist removes a small number of cells to test from the pre-placenta area using a laser and a microscopic glass needle.
  • Once testing is complete, the healthy embryo of your desired sex can be transferred into your or your chosen surrogate’s uterus.

Costs Associated with PGD or PGS/PGT-A at PFCLA

The cost of PGD and PGS are included in our unlimited plan with IVF and are also available on their own. Learn more about the associated costs with preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis by visiting our page on treatment costs.

Disclaimer: The price associated with the unlimited plan is subject to change without notice.

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Why Intended Parents Choose PGS/PGT-A and PGD 

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Ensure a Healthy, Happy Baby

Mitigate the risk of passing down genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities to your baby. If you and your partner have a recessive disorder, the chance of genetic inheritance in reproduction is 25%.

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Available Around the World

Regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll still be able to take part in preimplantation genetic screening as we know how to effectively ship needed medications and blood and semen samples internationally.

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Select Your Baby's Sex

For gender selection, these tests detect the sex of an embryo with almost 100% accuracy. Some parents turn to this to balance their family, remove the chances of genetic disorders, or fulfill their desire of having a baby boy or girl.

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A Bright Start for Your Baby's Future

Contact us today to learn more about PGD and PGS genetics testing. Rest assured that you’ll be in the best of care with our 30 years of experience in advanced assisted reproductive technology and infertility treatments.

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