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Semen Analysis at PFCLA

Performed at our Glendale and Los Angeles Clinic, semen analysis will help you gain insight into causes of potential male infertility issues. Contact us to speak to one of our fertility experts.

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If you think you’re currently going through male infertility or have a partner who is looking to find answers for unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, you’ve come to the right place. Through semen analysis, your doctor can determine the health and function of your or your partner's sperm and recommend the best infertility treatment option available at PFCLA.

Benefits of a semen analysis examination

Infertility can be one of three things: female, male or a combination of both. Taking part in a semen analysis can tell if you or your partner are producing healthy and vital sperm, shedding light on a possible infertility issue. 

The CDC reports that 30 - 45% of infertility in couples are due to male factor infertility.

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Factors to consider for semen analysis

Routine sperm count tests at a medical laboratory can produce basic fertility information. For a more thorough semen analysis performed in a fertility lab, you can find fertility solutions for you or your partner. At Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, your doctor will examine:

Sperm count

The number of sperm present per millimeter in your semen, measured per single ejaculation. The normal count is anywhere between 40 million to 300 million sperm. Your doctor can administer a sperm count test to assess your sperm count. 


The movement of your sperm, examined by it’s swimming ability. The average range of motility in a healthy male is between 12 to 75 percent.


The size and shape of your sperm examined by the percentage of normal-shaper sperm. The average quantity per milliliter (mL) should be at approximately 30 percent.

Note: Your doctor will conduct the Kruger Morphology test as a part of the semen analysis when diagnosing fertility. This method takes semen analysis a step further in assessing the shape of the sperm head. An average healthy male has at least 14% of their sperm with normal-shaped heads and infertility can be indicated if the number is at or below 4%.


To determine velocity, your doctor will calculate the forward progression of your sperm, which identifies the quality of movement.


To measure volume, your doctor examines the amount of semen available per single ejaculation (the average volume is approximately 2.5 mL). Low volume could indicate an issue with your prostate, suggesting that the seminal vesicles are not producing enough fluid.


Liquefaction is the time it takes for your semen to turn from a thick gel to liquid. With healthy semen this process occurs within 20 minutes.

Additional testing

If no sperm are present in an analysis, your doctor will test your semen for seminal fructose (which is typically produced in healthy males). If fructose is not present, it could signify an obstruction within the ejaculatory duct or indicate that the vas deferens or seminal vesicles are congenitally missing. In these instances, surgery or other male infertility treatment may be necessary. 

Note: We may also request cultures to detect the presence of any other bacteria or STD’s. This involves testing the males semen or urine.

Lower your chances of male factor infertility

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Decrease alcohol consumption

Alcohol can reduce the production of normally formed sperm needed for a successful conception.

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Stop smoking

Both tobacco and marijuana have been linked to low sperm counts, low sperm motility and abnormal morphology.

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Exercise in moderation

Excessive exercise could lower your sperm count by lowering the amount of testosterone in your body.

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