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04 May 2018

Men Having Babies: How the Best IVF Clinic Can Help



As the legalization of gay marriage has swept the nation, so has the increase in the number of gay men who want to start a family and have children. Gay men the world over are turning to IVF to have their own genetic children. The good news: many of them can afford to do so.

Many couples are able to save and put money away because they are double-income families. Though IVF can be a substantial investment, gay couples state after the births of their newborns that it is their favorite investment yet. 

However, things get a little bit more complicated when two men begin the journey to having their own set of genetic children. There are so many things to consider: how many children do they want? What’s actually possible? Do you want twins or a singleton?

For gay intended parents that want twins, they usually end up splitting the eggs that are retrieved from their donor. This creates fewer viable embryos for each parent. 

In a process that can be delicate, using the best IVF doctor with fantastic success rates can help when it comes to men having babies.

Here’s how the best IVF Doctor can help:

He’s Experienced In Men Having Babies

You need a doctor that has helped men having babies before. You need a doctor who won’t put doubts in your head about how many embryos you’ll get or how you should go about the process. You need a doctor that is supportive when it comes to your wishes.

Just because men having babies is a little more complicated, doesn’t mean couples all over the world aren’t building the families they have dreamed of. A doctor with vast experience helping gay couples will know exactly how to split the eggs, inseminate the eggs, and prep them to develop in a stage that will make the strongest of blastocysts. 

He can also set you up for success by using PGS and other genetic testing options.

He’ll Know What’s Possible

Based on the sperm quality and the egg quality, your IVF doctor can help you understand what kind of outcome can be expected on your journey. While no one can foresee the future, the best IVF doctor should have a pretty good idea of what your chances and circumstances are.

The best IVF clinic will help you manage expectations, but also give you a pathway to fulfilling your dreams. Even by unconventional means, the best IVF doctor will get you a newborn into your arms. 

Perhaps you’ll need to do another cycle or even another egg retrieval. Find a doctor that offers a second cycle at a no cost if a pregnancy isn’t achieved. The best IVF doctors will be confident enough in their skillet and success rates to offer this. 

He Can Guide You Towards Your Donor/Surrogate

When it comes to men having babies, you’ve got to set yourself up for the highest possible chances for success. Your doctor can tell you what the best age range is for your egg donor, and what kind of surrogate you should be looking for.

He can refer you to great programs with high success rates and a great reputation to get you started on your journey. Whether you want twins or just one, he will know the right receipt to get the job done. 

Success From the Best

Always as your doctor about their success rates and statistics. IVF clinics will great success histories will be more than happy to show you their numbers and how many couples they’ve helped to build a family.

Use a doctor that is at the forefront of the IVF technology to increase your chances of obtaining the situation you are looking for. Whatever journey you’re looking to start, contact us today for the best foot forward. 

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