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Natural IVF

Hopeful parents may avoid IVF if fertility medications put them at risk of cancer or if they have religious objections.
The Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles team offers natural IVF, which allows you to undergo IVF without the side effects of medication.

Our practice serving Los Angeles, CA, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley invites you to learn about the many benefits of natural IVF.

Three advantages to choosing Natural IVF

Lower Risk of Side Effects

Some side effects of fertility medications include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), bloating, mood swings, and tender breasts. Because fertility medications are not used with natural IVF, the risk of such side effects are significantly lower.

Less Waiting Between Cycles

Traditional IVF requires a two to three month waiting period between treatment cycles due to the fertility medications used to stimulate the ovaries. Natural IVF instead follows your natural cycle, using the eggs that are released for fertilization. Because natural IVF does not involve ovarian stimulation, it does not require an extended waiting period between treatment cycles.

Greater Affordability

At Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, we want every patient to have the ability to become a parent, regardless of their financial circumstances. Removing the use of fertility medication can significantly reduce the cost of IVF treatment, making it a more affordable option.

Natural IVF is not for everyone…

But It May Be a Good Fit If You:

Are At-Risk of Certain Cancers

Natural IVF is a great and safer treatment option for women who are at risk of hormone-related cancers or have a family history of hormonal cancers.

Want to Reduce Risk of Side Effects

Patients who are seeking a fertility treatment but who do not wish to take ovulation-inducing medications, which can result in associated health problems, often make great candidates for natural IVF.

Have Religious or Personal Preferences

Patients may also choose natural IVF for personal or religious reasons. If you want to reduce the amount of assisted reproduction necessary for conception, natural IVF may be right for you.
Natural IVF depends more on the quality of the eggs used than the quantity. Our specialists can help you determine if you are a viable candidate for natural IVF or if you may be better-suited for another technique.

Considering natural IVF? Here’s why you should visit Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles…

Customized Fertility Treatments catered to your unique needs
As a patient at Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, you will experience an unmatched level of personalized care and attention.
Our highly trained doctors thoroughly evaluate each case to determine which of our many fertility treatment options is right for you. We are also equipped with the latest technology in the field and our own state-of-the-art laboratory. Thanks to this exceptional level of care, we have helped in the successful conception of over 5,000 babies for loving families like yours.

More​ Information about Natural IVF

Our doctors provide natural IVF treatment options at Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles, CA, for patients who wish to pursue fertility treatments without the medication normally taken to stimulate egg production.
Choosing Natural IVF
Natural IVF works similarly to traditional IVF treatment, but does not require the use of fertility medications that are used to stimulate egg production in the ovaries. Patients may still need hormone supplements and other non-stimulation medications with natural IVF, such as progesterone to aid in implantation.
Natural IVF is a great treatment option for women who are at-risk for hormone-related cancers and for patients who wish to avoid the side effects of fertility medications.
We offer natural IVF to help patients achieve pregnancy without fertility medications.
Schedule Your Consultation

A consultation with one of our skilled doctors is the best way to determine which IVF treatment method is right for you. During your consultation, you and your doctor will review your medical history, your personal preferences, and your budget to determine the best treatment option. Although natural IVF is an excellent treatment method for many patients, it may not be right for everyone. Our goal at Pacific Fertility Center is to help you succeed in having a baby, regardless of your diagnosis or financial status. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and determine your IVF treatment options.