IVF with donor eggs: What to expect, success rates, and more


When traditional IVF is not a viable option to consider, the use of donor eggs or donor sperm may be worth exploring.

Donors are screened to help boost the chances of successful IVF. Let’s consider the use of donor eggs during IVF and how successful these cycles may be.

Why donor eggs may be necessary with IVF

Female infertility is a factor in roughly half of all the cases that fertility doctors treat.

This may be due to a variety of issues, including a poor ovarian reserve, issues with egg quality, and patient age. In such cases, a woman may not have enough of her own viable eggs to use for an IVF cycle. An egg donor will make pregnancy and live birth more likely.

Egg donors are also necessary for family building with same-sex male couples. By working with an egg donor and a surrogate carrier, men who want to have children together have another option to consider in addition to adoption.

How the IVF process uses donor eggs

In essence, the IVF process is performed in a similar way when donor eggs are used. The donated egg is fertilized in a lab setting. After the egg has divided and become an embryo, it is then transferred to the uterus where it will implant and be carried to term.

Selecting egg donors for IVF: What to expect

When selecting donor eggs, our Los Angeles fertility doctors can connect couples and individuals with ideal donors to meet their needs. All egg donors are carefully screened to ensure they are healthy and free from any genetic or chromosomal conditions that could put the health of mothers and infants at risk.

Egg donors are typically young women, ensuring that only high-quality eggs are used.

Couples can select an ideal donor based on their physical characteristics, career path, hobbies, and educational background. It’s important to find an ideal match between the donor and patient. We can also assist with finding a gestational carrier if necessary.

Success rates of IVF with donor eggs

The success rates of IVF with egg donors can be quite high. According to a feature article at Parents, about 12 percent of all IVF cycles involve the use of donor eggs. In general, the success rates of donor egg IVF are around 52 percent, which is quite high. At some fertility clinics, the success rates can be even higher.

This is a testament to the careful screening process of all egg donors as well as the advanced approach to fertility treatment achieved through IVF. If you have been struggling with conceiving, it may be worthwhile to discuss IVF and other fertility procedures with our team.

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