Egg Donor

Pacific Fertility Center has been helping local and international patients realize the dream of parenthood for over a decade.

There are many potential causes of infertility, but if the problem is the quantity or quality of a woman’s eggs, egg donation may be the answer. With locations in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Dr. Michele Evans, and Dr. Yvonne Yanqing Han have helped many hopeful parents achieve their goals through in vitro fertilization procedures using donated eggs.

Counted among those physicians who have redefined IVF treatment standards, we have been instrumental in the births of more than 7,000 babies so far.

Egg Donor

Choosing Egg Donation

Egg donation is not right for everyone, and our doctors thoroughly evaluate patients before recommending this option. Medical issues, prior fertility treatments, age, and personal preferences are all considered, with the ultimate decision being your own.

If you do choose egg donation, selecting an appropriate donor is the first priority. We offer extensive resources to help you find the right candidate. Our physicians also review all prospective donor candidates to ensure suitability from a medical standpoint, and to screen for genetic and psychological issues.

Looking for an Egg Donor?

Wherever you are in your search for an egg donor, please reach out to our team. We have helped hundreds of intended parents find their perfect match, and we will help you too.

The IVF Donation Process

IVF is the process of fertilizing eggs outside of the body and then transferring embryos into the uterus of the patient. Broadly speaking, the basic steps are egg harvesting, fertilization, and transplantation. If all goes well, at least one of the transplanted embryos will result in the birth of a baby.

In the case of donated eggs, the egg harvesting step takes place using a donor instead of the patient. After fertilization, the embryos are injected into the patient’s womb to adhere to the lining of her uterus. If surrogacy is employed, the donor eggs are transplanted into the womb of the surrogate.

Fresh Transfer or Frozen Transfer?

Patients can choose to use a fresh transfer or frozen transfer procedure. In a fresh transfer, the patient undergoes endometrial preparation at the same time the donor is undergoing ovulation stimulation. Alternatively, the donor’s fertilized embryos can be frozen and the patient can opt to use them at a later date.

Egg Donor