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Wellness and Recovery with Immortelle Med

PFCLA is proud to partner with Immortelle Med to offer our patients a luxury experience before and after egg retrievals and embryo transfers. Rest, relax and recover at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

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Exceptional Care Before and After Your PFCLA Procedure

Post-Procedure Transportation icon

Post-Procedure Transportation

Nurse Administration of all Medications icon

Nurse Administration of all Medications

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

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Suite at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills

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Wellness Meals and Snacks

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24/7 Pharmacy

Optional services include acupuncture therapy, massages, private concierge driver, and a full range of wellness and spa services.

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Recommended Stays

For Egg Retrievals
We recommend a stay 3 days prior to your procedure and 1 day after.  If you would like the nurses to administer the full regimen of fertility shots, you will need to stay 12 days prior and 2 days after.

For Embryo Transfers
We recommend staying 1 day prior and 2 days after your procedure.

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