Top 8 Egg Donation & Surrogacy Agencies 2022


For intended parents seeking the perfect egg donor, surrogate, or both, it’s a great time to explore third-party reproduction through in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

All individuals and intended parents deserve a chance to bring their children into the world, whether they’re a same-sex couple or struggle with carrying a pregnancy to term. 

And with advances in modern assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF paired with gestational surrogacy, it’s an exciting journey for both donors & carriers and recipient parents alike. 

Navigating the logistical, medical, and legal implications of egg donation and surrogacy can be overwhelming and confusing without an agency. 

Let’s start understanding what distinguishes the top egg donation and surrogacy agencies from others with six essential elements of a family-building clinic, and what to consider as you begin planning for your future family. 

What to look for in an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency 

  • Location Intended parents located outside of the U.S. must often turn to the U.S. to access top reproductive care and donors due to legalities. And for intended parents in the U.S., your surrogate and donor may reside in California due to the state’s ART-friendly laws. Intended fathers will likely travel to the U.S. for embryo creation and embryo transfer. In addition, many intended parents like to be present for important doctor’s appointments such as the 16-week ultrasound. If you’re located outside of the U.S., and you’re looking to pursue surrogacy, connect with different agencies to learn about what travel to expect.
  • Pricing & Guarantees Egg donation and surrogacy are expensive. We recommend you look for an agency that provides comprehensive and transparent pricing packages, payment plans, loan financing, and other financial guidance along your journey to parenthood. Your treatment should be sensitive to your financial constraints yet realistic with the scope of treatment needed. You should also make sure that the pricing reduces your financial risk during the journey, as unexpected costs can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Make sure the agency's pricing includes fixed pricing guarantees until live birth or at least unlimited transfers. 
  • Network Most family-building agencies have a network of fertility clinics and reproductive endocrinologists to streamline the medical and logistical processes involved. Ask different agencies about their network of IVF clinics, and research their success rates thoroughly. If you don’t yet have an IVF clinic picked, learn about our top IVF clinic recommendations. 
  • Screenings Not all surrogate and egg donor screenings are created equal, and you should be comfortable with the level of qualification your potential donors have. Look for an agency that provides legal, medical, psychological, and social screenings to ensure candidates are well prepared and medically cleared to support you during this time of your life. Make sure your agency uses third parties (such independent attorneys and psychologists) to verify what they are telling you about the surrogate. 
  • Database There are two aspects to an egg donor or surrogate database to consider: candidate quality and database size. Some egg donor and surrogacy agencies are highly selective, only selecting the top 3-5% of candidates who apply. Look for an agency with donors you’re excited about while also keeping in mind how much you’re willing to spend. 

We’ve already done the research for you. All you need to do is select the agency (or agencies) you’ll contact to find your future donor and surrogate.

Without further ado, let’s explore our hand-selected top egg donation and surrogacy agencies of 2022.

Top Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agencies in the U.S. in 2022

  1. Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy 
  2. Circle Surrogacy 
  3. Same Love 
  4. ConceiveAbilities
  5. Growing Generations
  6. IARC
  7. Agency for Surrogacy Solutions
  8. Roots Surrogacy

Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy 

Founded in 1991, Hatch (formerly the Egg Donation & Surrogacy Program) was the first egg donor agency in the United States and has connected intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates for over 30 years. Hatch offers one of the largest egg donor databases in the nation, with candidates among the top 5% of applicants across the country. Hatch was also one of the first surrogacy agencies. Their success rates are over 99.5% due to the extensive screening process required to become cleared and approved to become a surrogate or egg donor. Hatch specializes in providing the perfect match for intended parents tailored to social fit. Most of their intended parents and surrogates build life-long relationships (and some intended parents come back for sibling journeys with the same donors!). 

Hatch also offers a highly unique pricing model, called their "Peace of Mind Program", that guarantees a live birth with unlimited medical and agency services until live birth. This is unusual, as most agencies will not provide a guarantee for the IVF process. 

In addition to industry-high success rates, Hatch’s team offers highly personalized, attentive care to both intended parents and donors. Hatch’s surrogates have cleared all medical record reviews, psych screenings, background checks, and other processes before they are ever presented to intended parents. Everyone receives a dedicated coordinator to oversee the logistical, medical, and financial processes required for surrogacy and egg donation, and the staff is composed of former surrogates and egg donors. They’ve even been known to deliver fertility medications and check in on surrogates in the middle of the night. 

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022

Website |

Location | Encino, California 

Database | Egg Donors and Surrogates

Circle Surrogacy 

Led by a team of people who have had their own firsthand experiences with surrogacy, Circle Surrogacy sets out to educate, lead and guide intended parents through your journey to help them achieve success and fulfill their dreams. Circle’s knowledge and staff help ensure that everyone who joins the Circle Family has the same delightful and personalized experience.

Circle Surrogacy was founded by John Weltman, a lawyer and gay dad of two children through surrogacy. Weltman built Circle Surrogacy to provide everyone with the opportunity to be a parent and has expanded from its original headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California, and NYC, New York. Circle also offers one of the nation’s largest egg donor databases and continues to deliver high success rates for intended parents, around 99.3%. 

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022

Website |

Location | Boston, Massachusetts

Database | Egg Donors and Surrogates

Same Love Surrogacy

Same Love Surrogacy was founded by three gay dads who created their families with surrogacy and egg donation. After their experiences, they set out to provide egg donation and surrogacy services specifically designed to serve the needs of LGBTQ+ community members. Same Love Surrogacy offers person-to-person guidance for LGBTQ+ individuals pursuing parenthood, backed by 25 years of combined experience with surrogacy and egg donor services (and their perspectives as LGBTQ parents). 

Same Love Surrogacy provides detailed fee breakdowns according to services offered (such as egg donation, surrogacy, or both) and a unique wellness program for surrogates during pregnancy, including acupuncture, nutritional counseling, birth coaching, and more to promote health and well-being during the pregnancy. 

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022


Website |

Location | Los Angeles, California

Database | Egg Donors and Surrogates


Founded in 1996 by Nazca Fontes, the ConceiveAbilities team has facilitated thousands of pregnancies with individuals and couples seeking to create their families with egg donors and surrogates. Committed to maintaining an elite surrogate network, the agency is dedicated to cultivating an open and compassionate environment for surrogates and their families before, during, and after the pregnancy. 

Their Matching Matters® program is designed to connect intended parents with surrogates meant to help them along their journeys. 97% of their intended parents are matched with the first surrogate they are presented with. ConceiveAbilities also provides financial and personal resources to charity partners who are committed to helping those in need. 

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022


Website |

Location | Chicago, Illinois

Database | Egg Donors and Surrogates

Growing Generations 

Founded in 1996 to help gay men on their paths to parenthood, Growing Generations has some of the field’s most qualified egg donors and surrogates among the top 1% of applicants. In addition, Growing Generations was one of the first agencies to utilize breakthrough assisted reproductive technologies to help HIV+ men become biological fathers to their children. Since then, Growing Generations has welcomed more than 50 babies into families with parents experiencing HIV. 



Website |

Location | Wheeling, West Virginia

Database | Egg Donors and Surrogates

IARC Surrogacy

Established in the 1980s, IARC is one of the most experienced surrogacy agencies in the U.S., with 35 years of experience connecting and facilitating surrogacy journeys. Their team includes experts with decades of experience supporting the different aspects of your journey to parenthood, from emotional, legal, administrative, financial, and medical considerations. 

IARC Surrogacy has been owned and directed by Attorney Steven Snyder since 2003. His life’s passion is helping families come together to create new families through surrogacy, and that passion defines the company’s values and mission. With services including personalized coordination, financial management, legal support and medical insurance support, IARC is perfect for intended parents that wish to pursue surrogacy but don’t wish to find an egg donor. 

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022

Website |

Location | Maple Grove, Minnesota

Database | Surrogates

Agency for Surrogacy Solutions 

The Agency for Surrogacy Solutions was founded in 2004 and provides a full-service, internationally recognized, and gestational surrogacy agency. Known for its personalized, professional matching and case management services, the team offers support and expert guidance for both intended parents and surrogates throughout their journeys.

As former intended parents experienced the emotional toll of infertility, founders Kathryn and Lauri are dedicated to providing the best care possible. You’ll receive one case manager to direct your entire journey and manage every aspect of your journey to parenthood. They also don’t directly hold any intended parents’ money. Instead, they connect you with an independent bonded escrow company and reproductive lawyer to provide intended parents with extra peace of mind during this journey. 

Surrogate Solutions

Website |

Location | Los Angeles, CA

Database | Surrogacy 

Roots Surrogacy 

Roots is a professional mid-sized surrogacy agency that connects and supports individuals, couples and surrogates to help create families. Founded by reproductive attorney Cassie Wright, the agency is established around the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to share in the gift of parenthood no matter what your circumstance.

As a mid-sized surrogacy agency, Roots maintains high standards and prioritizes the personal connections between intended parents and surrogates. Due to current laws and legal restrictions, surrogacy is still not an option for everyone. Because of this, Roots is dedicated to being a beacon within the industry by extending parenthood pathways to anyone regardless of geography or sexual orientation.

Hatch egg donation and surrogacy - best agencies of 2022

Website |

Location | Lincoln, California

Database | Surrogates

Find the best egg donation and surrogacy agency for your journey 

Every individual and intended parent is different. There’s no one ‘top’ family building agency, as it’s tailored to what you feel comfortable with and desire along your path to parenthood. 

At PFCLA, we help intended parents considering gestational surrogacy and IVF find the donors required along their journeys. If you’d like to learn about how your recommended agency is tailored to your needs, please contact us

Note: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Information provided is for general educational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Speak to your doctor directly with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Any information contained herein does not replace any care plan as determined by a physician. 

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