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27 Jul 2018

Gay Dad Decisions: Things to Consider When Starting Your IVF Journey



Gay Dad Decisions: Things to Consider When Starting Your IVF Journey

There are many things to consider when starting the process of IVF as two men, or two women. There are many factors to weigh and assess when trying to set yourself up for the ultimate success. Things like the financial investment, embryo selection, and the number of children desired should all be considered. 

When two men are starting the process of IVF, the chances are high that they will each want a biological child. This encourages them to often go for twins after splitting the egg retrieval and fertilizing half with each partner’s sperm. Here’s a guide for gay dads on what to consider:

Do You Each Want A Biological Child?

There are a few things to heavily weigh in this decision. The truth is, every egg retrieval is going to bring a different egg yield. When it comes down to both fathers being a biological parent, this means that the eggs will need to be split.

If the egg retrieval is low in number, the chance of getting viable embryos from each parent will go down a little. Finding a donor that is young with a great ovarian blood reserve and high AMH levels can help set you up for success

When your doctor has evaluated your donor, he will be able to tell you what her resting follicle count is. This can help you get an idea of how many eggs you might expect from a retrieval.

Twins or Singleton Journeys for Gay Dads

It can be financially helpful to put two embryos in a surrogate and try for twins. This would offer a set of intended parents the two children they are vying for, at the cost of one journey.

However, there are a few things to consider in this situation. If the twins come early, you will be spending a substantial amount of money in the NICU. The risk of twin pregnancies is also higher.

Some gay dads contract surrogates independently and avoid agency fees. This allows them the flexibility of performing two different journeys with one embryo each.

PGS Testing

Though it is an additional cost, PGS testing is invaluable in this process. PGS testing will tell you which embryos are truly the strongest and most healthy. They can also determine the sex of the child, which often a gay dad is interested in if they would like one of each sex.

PGS testing helps us successfully create pregnancies by using viable blastocysts. 

Fresh or Frozen Sperm Sample

Based on your location, a frozen sperm sample from a gay dad can be facilitated to ease the travel aspects of creating the embryos. However, a fresh sample is also a very effective way of providing your specimen for the creation of embryos.

Your skilled doctor can guide you best on what set you up for the most success based on your sperm quality. 

When you are ready to start on your journey to fatherhood, contact us today for a consultation with our doctors.

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