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Are You a Good Candidate for IVF?

Vicken Sahakian
17 Jan 2017

Since the introduction of in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, into mainstream medicine, approximately five-million babies have been born via this remarkable technology. We are proud to state that our practice, Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles (PFCLA), can trace its root to the inception of IVF as a publicly available medical option, as our founders were also the team that pioneered the nation’s first private in-vitro fertilization center. When you entrust the future of your family to PFCLA, you are turning to fertility experts who have directly been responsible for the births of thousands of children while helping to influence the births of tens of thousands of others through their innovations and contributions to their field.

As trusted experts in the field of infertility treatment, our fertility doctors carefully evaluate IVF candidates at our Los Angeles, CA practice to ensure that they will benefit from IVF. Unfortunately, not all patients are good candidates for IVF. If our doctors feel that a certain patient will not benefit from IVF, they advise her honestly and openly of this fact and recommend alternative methods of treatment.

Are you a good candidate for IVF? While the following blog post will give you a rough idea of the qualifications a suitable candidate should possess, the only way to know for certain whether IVF is the right option for you is to meet with one of our fertility specialists for a confidential consultation. We invite you to schedule yours today.

Suitable Candidates for IVF

You are potentially a good candidate for IVF if you have:

  • Experienced difficulty becoming pregnant through sexual intercourse, especially combined with fertility medications
  • Endometriosis
  • Blocked or missing fallopian tubes or other tubal problems
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • A male partner who has been diagnosed with male factor infertility
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Abnormal ovulation cycles
  • An inability to produce healthy eggs coupled with a willingness to use donor eggs as part of the IVF process

It is also important that you understand before you commit to undergoing IVF that successful pregnancy is not assured even among the most favorable candidates. Some patients require several IVF cycles to achieve successful pregnancy, while others never achieve pregnancy at all. Some have immediate success. There are absolutely no guarantees. While we encourage patients to be hopeful and to maintain faith, we also want them to be psychologically and emotionally prepared for the possibility that IVF treatment will not be successful.

Women with fibroid tumors, hormone problems, and uterine dysfunction are evaluated for IVF candidacy on a case-by-case basis at PFCLA. While women with these conditions are generally not considered good candidates for IVF, there are cases in which IVF may represent their best possible chance at achieving pregnancy.

Find Out Whether You Are a Good Candidate for IVF

To learn whether you are a good candidate for IVF, please contact Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles today.

Note: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Information provided is for general educational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Speak to your doctor directly with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Any information contained herein does not replace any care plan as determined by a physician. 

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