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Embryo donation can help couples struggling to conceive begin their family. During treatment, we can use a frozen embryo donated by another couple after IVF (in vitro fertilization), or an embryo created for this very process, and implant it into your uterus. This is especially helpful in the case of both male and female factor infertility. At Pacific Fertility Center, serving Glendale and Los Angeles, CA, we offer the latest infertility diagnoses and treatments to help our patients conceive and carry a child to term. In addition to medical procedures, our physicians and staff can direct you to numerous resources, which address the emotional and financial stipulations of each option.

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Embryo donation can help couples struggling with infertility to conceive.

The Embryo Donation Process

Many patients choose to conceive via embryo donation. This process is essentially the same as the second stage of an IVF cycle, though the initial protocol differs. The treatment can be initiated in one of two ways:

  • Extra Embryos from a Previous IVF: An IVF cycle can yield extra frozen embryos, which are preserved in case of future need.
  • Embryo Donation from Another Couple: Patients who have undergone IVF but do not want any more children can donate their frozen embryos for scientific research or to another couple seeking to conceive.

After obtaining the embryo, we can implant it into your uterus. In some instances, we may transfer more than one embryo, but this will ultimately depend on your health, age, and embryo quality.

Embryo donation is necessary if a donor egg and sperm are needed for conception. 

Egg Donation vs. Embryo Donation

Egg donation and embryo donation are unique processes. When a woman chooses to undergo egg donation, her doctor will retrieve eggs from her uterus. These eggs will then be fertilized in a laboratory using the partner's sperm. Once the embryo forms, the doctor can implant it into the recipient’s uterus.

Embryo donation is necessary if a donor egg and sperm are needed for conception. Couples who have successfully undergone IVF can choose to donate their frozen embryos to prospective couples. Some couples donate their eggs and sperm to fertility clinics to produce embryos for this very purpose. We recommend embryo donation when: 

  • A couple is unlikely to conceive using their own eggs and sperm
  • There is the possibility of transmitting a genetic disorder to the offspring
  • A single, post-menopausal woman aspires to have a baby

After evaluating your needs and goals, we can recommend the best treatment for you.

Cost of Embryo Donation

Sometimes referred to as embryo adoption, embryo donation is a highly successful option for those wishing to conceive. Generally, embryo donation is more affordable than IVF and is typically performed at approximately one-third or one-half of the cost. Our team can provide you with a more detailed cost estimate at your consultation, so you feel prepared to make an educated decision about your future. We can also review our payment plans and financing options if you are concerned with the cost of treatment.

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If you and your partner are exploring fertility options, embryo donation may be the solution for you. Our highly skilled physicians can listen closely to your concerns and desires and evaluate your options. When you choose Pacific Fertility Center, you can feel confident that you will receive the highest quality care available. Regardless of your age, financial situation, or marital status, we are committed to helping you fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent. To learn more, contact us online or call our practice at (310) 209-7700.

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