Frozen Embryo Transfer

During in vitro fertilization (IVF), multiple viable embryos can be created. Many patients choose to have more than one embryo gathered during the harvesting process to reserve extras in a frozen state to repeat the IVF cycle. Frozen embryo transfer procedures are performed at our Los Angeles, CA, practice by Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Dr. Michele Evans, and Dr. Yvonne Yanqing Han. Frozen embryo transfer, also known as FET, involves taking a previously frozen embryo and carefully transferring it into your prepared uterus in order to conceive. At Pacific Fertility Center, FET is a proven, successful fertility treatment. Our team of doctors are extremely qualified in this procedure and will make sure you are comfortable and at ease during your entire treatment.

It is our mission to help you conceive and provide you with the highest level of service and care during your entire treatment.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Understanding the Procedure

Frozen embryo transfer is a highly successful reproductive treatment provided at our fertility center. During this treatment, frozen embryos created during a previous IVF procedure are thawed and transferred back into the woman’s uterus. To perform a frozen embryo transfer, the doctor will coordinate the lining of the woman’s uterus with the developmental stage of the embryo. Once the uterus is adequately prepared, the doctor will transfer the embryos. Depending on whether a natural, medicated, or partially medicated FET is chosen will determine exactly how your procedure is done.

At Pacific Fertility Center, we are proud to provide you with the latest technology in fertility treatments. During your initial consultation, your doctor can outline the IVF and FET procedures and carefully explain all the options available to you.

Frozen Embryo Transfer
Frozen embryo transfer places a previously frozen embryo into your prepared uterus in order to conceive..

The success rate of FET is just as effective, if not more so, than fresh embryo transfer. This method also can create less stress on the body and require less medication.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The Types of Frozen Embryo Transfers We Offer

For a successful frozen embryo transfer, the woman’s uterine lining must be carefully prepared and ready to host the embryos. This is done naturally or with medication. Our treatment facility provides three different options in FET for our patients.

Natural Transfer: If you have a consistent monthly ovulation and menstrual cycle with healthy hormone levels, a natural FET may be a great option for you. When your menstrual cycle is predictable, the doctor can easily determine the precise timing of ovulation. Once the ovulation date is set, in most cases, the uterine lining will be ready for the embryo transfer five days later. Natural FET is simple, cost-effective, and minimally invasive.

Medicated Transfer: For a medicated FET, hormone stimulating medications and injections, such as estrogen, progesterone, and leuprolide are used to prepare the lining of your uterus for embryo transfer. Having the right balance of hormones is key in achieving a successful embryo transfer. The ability to schedule your procedure in advance is one of the primary benefits of a medicated FET over a natural FET.

Partial Medicated Transfer: With a partial FET, ovulation is induced with the administration of a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injection. Ovulation will trigger your body to prepare your uterus to host an embryo. Depending on your individual needs, the doctor may also prescribe estrogen or progesterone to develop the uterine lining.

Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer

One of the primary benefits of FET is that this technique can extend the success of a single IVF treatment. This procedure can give the opportunity for more than one pregnancy and the option of fertility preservation for a longer period after eggs have been harvested.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The success rate of FET is also just as effective, if not more so, than fresh embryo transfer. This method also can create less stress on the body and require less medication during procedures.

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