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Circle Outlines

Make your dream of a family come true

Make a plan to achieve your dreams with the right fertility staff and doctors. At PFCLA, you’ll experience a world-class fertility center and facilities founded by the team that pioneered one of the nation’s first private IVF centers. You can trust you’ll be in good hands throughout this exciting time.

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Circle Outlines

20,000 +IVF procedures

You’ll be in the best of hands. In fact we're responsible for the birth of over 13,500 babies all over the world.


1,500 LBGTQ+ parents

We’ve helped create families for the LBGTQ+ community.


A world-class team of doctors

Our doctors have taught at major medical schools, won numerous awards, and lent their expertise to the Discovery Channel and NPR.


One of the first IVF clinics in America

Rest assured that the experience we’ve gained in our 30 years has prepared us for virtually any request or unforeseen development.