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A must-attend event for any gay man who wants to become a father. We will discuss the obstacles and unlock the path to parenthood.




Blood work is essential for preparing a patient for IVF, increase the chances of successful fertilization, and confirming pregnancy after embryo transfer has been performed. Without blood work, the chances of success are lower, and fertility specialists are unable to use the latest techniques to truly aid patients in their journey to having a child. Since there are a lot of misconceptions about... Read more
Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful venture that couples all over the world have done since the beginning of time. The joy a newborn brings to a family is indescribable. However, not all couples are afforded the luxury of being able to conceive easily or naturally. Trying to get pregnant can be a discouraging challenge when suffering from infertility issues. There are many... Read more

IVF and Twins or Multiples

10 May 2018

Vicken Sahakian, M.D.

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For families struggling with infertility, IVF can be performed to increase the risk of conception. However, like most medical procedures, there are risks and complications to consider before undergoing treatment.  One of the most common risks associated with any fertility treatment is a pregnancy with multiples. Today, our team at the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles,... Read more
As the legalization of gay marriage has swept the nation, so has the increase in the number of gay men who want to start a family and have children. Gay men the world over are turning to IVF to have their own genetic children. The good news: many of them can afford to do so. Many couples are able to save and put money away because they are double-income families. Though IVF can be a substantial... Read more
In 2018, IVF is making rapid changes and improving their protocols and procedures constantly. This is great news for any intended parent hoping to have a child through modern medicine. Furthermore, you no longer have to perform fresh transfers to have successful pregnancy rates. In fact, the ability to freeze and then thaw embryos has increased the successful nature of IVF. It is one of the... Read more
The IVF process can a very expensive venture for any intended parents trying to have a child. The truth is, many couples can only afford to go through the process one time. While advanced IVF treatment has made the dream of having a child a reality for couples who can’t conceive on their own, it can take a heavy toll financially and emotionally. Having the best fertility doctor possible... Read more

Candidates for Assisted Hatching

11 Apr 2018

Vicken Sahakian, M.D.

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Infertility is a problem that is far more common than most people imagine. While there are many potential causes of infertility, countless cases of infertility remain unexplained.  In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is an assisted reproductive treatment that addresses a wide range of fertility problems, including those with unknown sources. Although IVF is one of the most successful types of... Read more
Though people assume most egg donors want to donate their eggs for monetary purposes, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While compensation is certainly a great benefit for the time, efforts, and literal self-giving of each donor, these women are altruistic and want to help others do what they can not do for themselves.  What was once rather uncharted territory is now a common,... Read more
Conceiving through egg donation and medical fertility advances have allowed couples to build families who would not be able to do so otherwise. About 1.6% of babies born in the U.S. each year are born through egg donation and surrogacy. When it comes to couples with fertility issues, egg donors are a conduit through which they can fulfill their dream of having a family. In 2018, more women... Read more
Deciding on the woman you want to carry your child for you is a serious decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing the vessel through which you will have a child because of the amount of responsibility she will bear during the journey.  Women with humanitarian motives to help another couple are compassionate and filled with dignity. While a woman who wants to help... Read more