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18 Feb 2017

Fertility Treatment for Endometriosis

Vicken Sahakian

Vicken Sahakian


At Pacific Fertility Center, Dr. Vicken Sahakian and Dr. Michele Evans offer a comprehensive range of fertility services to those who want to introduce a precious new life into the world, but are struggling with infertility. An essential part of any fertility treatment program at our center is patient education. Patients who have a deep understanding of how their bodies work and the conditions that are contributing to their infertility are more likely to achieve successful pregnancy than those who do not.

One of the most common factors contributing to female infertility is endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue lining the inner uterine cavity grows outside of the cavity, most commonly on the ovaries or the fallopian tubes. In discussing fertility treatment for endometriosis during consultations at our Los Angeles, CA center, Drs. Sahakian and Evans provide patients with all the information they need about their condition to make the wisest, most confident choices possible regarding their care. In the case of endometriosis, patients are often surprised to learn that, while surgery is entirely possible, it is not generally recommended, even if the endometriosis is interfering with successful pregnancy.

If you are having difficulty conceiving after months of trying, or if you have already been diagnosed with endometriosis and want to know your fertility treatment options, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Vicken Sahakian or Dr. Michele Evans today.

Does Endometriosis Always Contribute to Infertility?

No, endometriosis does not necessarily contribute to female infertility. In fact, many women with mild endometriosis have no difficulty whatsoever becoming pregnant and experience complication-free births. However, the more severe the endometriosis, the more likely it is to contribute to infertility. Moderate to severe cases of endometriosis are common female infertility factors, often in combination with other infertility factors. Endometriosis is found in roughly one-third of all females with fertility issues.

What Fertility Treatments Are Available for Women with Endometriosis?

For women with particularly severe cases of endometriosis, surgery is a viable option. The abnormal tissues can be surgically removed via a laparoscopic procedure. This can help to clear blockages of the fallopian tubes, which is common among women with severe endometriosis and one of the most common causes of infertility. However, even then, the chances of successful pregnancy may not increase significantly, and some studies have suggested that endometriosis surgery have no effect on pregnancy rates whatsoever. Some fertility specialists believe that endometriosis surgery may even reduce the odds of successful pregnancy with fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

This is why our fertility specialists generally advise women with endometriosis not to undergo surgery and simply to undergo IVF. Pregnancy rates among women with moderate to severe endometriosis who undergo IVF are particularly good among women under 35 who produce good-quality eggs during ovarian stimulation.

Learn More about Fertility Treatment for Endometriosis

To learn more about fertility treatment options for endometriosis, and IVF in particular, please contact Pacific Fertility Center today.

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