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03 Mar 2016

Choosing The Right Fertility Doctor

Vicken Sahakian

Vicken Sahakian


Choosing a doctor that can actually help you get pregnant is obviously the top priority of any fertility patient.  Once you narrow down your search to reputable, competent doctors with high success rates the real work begins.  Some of the factors you may want to entertain when considering a fertility specialist are listed below. 

1. How is the fertility clinic staff? (nurses, front office, billing etc)

While the doctor is an important aspect of fertility medicine, even the greatest doctor in the word is only as good as her/his staff.  Patients must rely on the office staff to schedule appointments, carry out the doctors’ orders, coordinate treatments, facilitate testing and monitor progress.  In addition, a knowledgeable staff can help patients avoid dangerous complications and improve success.  Not to mention, a good staff improves the entire “vibe” of a clinic.   Never underestimate the vibe : )

2. What do you know about the embryology laboratory?

Just as a doctor is only as good as their staff, pregnancy rates can only be as good as the embryology laboratory. Who is the head embryologist? Does the lab have modern equipment like lasers and current incubators? Is the lab adequately staffed? Can the lab  perform all the necessary procedures or do they have outside experts come in for procedures like PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)? 

It can be hard to find out information about a laboratory, but if you ask a doctor, they should be able to tell you about all the details of their lab.  If they falter it is not a good sign.

3. Is your fertility doctor a good communicator?

Communication is the most critical component of a great fertility practice.   Is the doctor available to answer your questions?  Do you get the run-around when you call the office?  Do they answer email?  Do they remember who you are?  If you page someone, do they call back? 

Further, when you talk to the doctor, does she/he make an effort to help you understand? Good communication is a sign of a functioning organization.  Ultimately, you want to trust you care and embryos to a well-functioning organization.   

4. How is their fertility pricing?

Fertility treatment is expensive, there is no doubt about it.  However, finding a clinic that is “reasonably” priced can mean the difference between being able to, or not being able to access care for some patients.  Further, it becomes obvious when a clinic’s top priority is making money as opposed to making babies.  Does your clinic offer payment plans or financial option?  Do they accept insurance?  If money seems more important than care, the clinic’s priorities may not be in the right place.

5. Is the fertility doctor/ clinic accessible?

Is your doctor accessible for appointments? Can you make an appointment around your schedule, or are you supposed to stop your life and fit it into their schedule?  Fertility treatment is hard enough, your clinic should not make it harder with impossible hours and inflexible appointment times.

Schedule a fertility consultation

In most cases, there are many doctors who can help a patient become pregnant.  The truly great doctors have qualities and organizations that make the process efficient, safe, fast and affordable.  To schedule an appointment with one of the great doctors at Pacific Fertility Center, contact our team of fertility doctors today (310) 586-3458.  

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