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18 Mar 2017

Candidates for Mini IVF Treatment

Vicken Sahakian

Vicken Sahakian


Traditional IVF, or in vitro fertilization, requires daily injections of fertility medications, which can make it too costly for some couples to realize their dreams of becoming parents. Fortunately, there are alternative fertility treatments available, like mini IVF. Mini IVF treatment can help those who have struggled with infertility to successfully conceive with minimal use of fertility medications, helping to make treatment more affordable for many couples.

Drs. Vicken Sahakian and Michele Evans identify mini IVF candidates during patient consultations at their Los Angeles, CA based practice. To find out if you’re a candidate, we invite you to schedule your personal consultation.

What Is Mini IVF Treatment?

Mini IVF treatment, also called micro or minimal stimulation IVF, is a type of fertility treatment similar to traditional IVF. Mini IVF is different from traditional IVF in that less fertility medication is used during treatment, resulting in fewer eggs being released.

The treatment procedure for mini IVF is also similar to traditional IVF. As with traditional IVF, the patient’s cycle is monitored. When ovulation occurs and eggs are released, the eggs will be retrieved and fertilized in a lab to create an embryo, which is then implanted within the womb. 

The Advantages of Mini IVF Treatment Compared to Traditional IVF

Mini IVF offers some advantages over traditional IVF. One of the biggest advantages is that fewer medications are required, allowing patients to avoid daily injections of fertility hormones. Mini IVF also carries a reduced risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which can occur with traditional IVF.

Due to the low dosage of fertility medications, mini IVF can be repeated back to back, allowing more opportunities to successfully conceive. Another benefit to the use of fewer fertility medications with mini IVF is that the cost of treatment is generally lower than traditional IVF, making it a more affordable option.

Candidates for Mini IVF Treatment

Those who have struggled to conceive may achieve their dreams of parenthood with mini IVF treatment. Women who wish to limit exposure to hormonal medications, whether due to personal preference, risk of developing OHSS, or to preserve their eggs before undergoing cancer treatment, may benefit from mini IVF. Ideal candidates for mini IVF treatment may include those who:

  • Are under 35 and suffer from tubal factor infertility
  • Have a fear of needles or wish to avoid daily injections of fertility medication
  • Are at risk of developing OHSS
  • Would like to conceive with as little hormonal stimulation as possible
  • Have low ovarian reserves that cannot be increased by traditional IVF
  • Are unable to afford traditional IVF or looking for a more affordable option
  • Would like to reduce the risk of multiples

Find out if You’re a Candidate for Mini IVF Treatment

Fertility treatments can help those who have struggled with infertility successfully conceive and experience the joys of parenthood. To find out if you’re a candidate for mini IVF, or to learn more about other fertility treatment options, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at the Pacific Fertility Center.

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