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27 Mar 2018

Intended Parents: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor



Conceiving through egg donation and medical fertility advances have allowed couples to build families who would not be able to do so otherwise. About 1.6% of babies born in the U.S. each year are born through egg donation and surrogacy. When it comes to couples with fertility issues, egg donors are a conduit through which they can fulfill their dream of having a family.

In 2018, more women are donating their eggs than ever. This is a positive thing for couples looking for the perfect match to help them have a child. However, it also creates a substantial challenge when trying to find your perfect donor.

Some people will tout that what’s most important is that you have a healthy donor. This is a given. Of course, you need a healthy donor, that’s the number one priority. But what about the rest? 

When you’re searching for a donor based on very limited and specific criteria. You have only have so many things to base your search on, so you should ensure your donor hits those marks with flying colors.

Here’s a guide on what to consider when searching for an egg donor:

Health History

Your donor needs a pristine health history and genetic health report if you want to move forward with her. Once you’ve selected your donor, if she has not previously, she will meet with a geneticist and a genetic family history report will be made regarding any family health issues.

Once you’re in the clear, then your donor will go through a blood test to find out if she is a genetic carrier of any mutations (remember, just because you’re a carrier doesn’t mean you have the disease or will develop it). Once you’re tested as well, you’ll know where you stand. There are many donors who have already gone through this process, so you’ll know all of this information upfront. However, if you choose a first time donor she will need to take these steps before going forward. 

If your donor is a carrier of anything you happen to be a carrier of, perhaps it is best to find another donor. If you don’t match with any of the carrier diseases your donor might have, then you’re in the clear! Find a donor that doesn’t carry any of genetic mutations you have, and then she can proceed with her evaluation with your fertility doctor to check her follicles and ensure that there will be a decent number of healthy eggs available for retrieval.

Physical Appearance

Sound superficial? It’s not. You shouldn’t hold your donor to standards that are less than the physical standards you put into play when choosing a spouse. Physical traits matter. 

Do you want the genetic mother of your child to be tall? Do you want a higher chance of your green or blue eyes to come through in your child? What about BMI and weight ratio? The amazing thing about choosing an egg donor is that you can set up your future child for a healthy future. This is a great blessing that not all couples get to do.


Considering the education and test scores of an egg donor is very normal. There are so many bright, young, smart women who want to become an egg donor. You can absolutely have your pick when it comes to the intelligence of the egg donor you’d like to mix your genes with. 

If you’re really picky, choose an egg donor with high levels of education. If you’re fine with any degree of education as long as they are engaged in schooling or college, you’ll open up more options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your agency or fertility clinic about your donor. Find out exactly what you want to know about your donor. 

Learn A Lot About Your Egg Donor Through a Video

Though not all agencies can perform this task for you, ask for a quick video of your donor. Through a video snippet of your donor, you will be able to see how she speaks and what her demeanor is. 

A video could also seal the deal and confirm your choice of donor. You can have peace of mind that you’ve chosen someone who speaks eloquently, is as beautiful as she seems in photos, and even has a kind aura. When it comes to choosing a donor, it never hurts to ask. 

The Egg Hunt

Though finding the perfect eggs for your family might be a bit more challenging than when you were a kid at Easter, it can still be equally as fun. If one donor doesn’t work out, fear not. The perfect donor is the one where there will be relatively few hiccups. The process can require some patience. But know that you will find the perfect donor for you and your spouse. 

It can be a challenge to sift through so many profiles, for references regarding the best donors available, contact us today.

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