The Refund Plan

The Pacific Fertility Center-LA has a long track record of setting the standards in quality of care and accountability in the field of reproductive medicine. Now we are taking steps to lead the way in cost containment as well. Because of our consistently high success rates, we have introduced the concept of refunding a large portion of the medical fees if qualifying patients do not achieve a pregnancy following treatment with IVF.

For Conventional patients, the REFUND PLAN provides for a 70 to 90% refund, based on the age of the woman producing the eggs (see IVF Fees), on all in-cycle clinical and laboratory services associated with three (3) fresh Embryo Transfer procedures and as many frozen transfers as necessary to use all frozen embryos, performed by a PFCLA physician, if a 12 weeks pregnancy does not occur. All leftover frozen embryos have to be exhausted prior to performing a “fresh” IVF cycle at the discretion of the treating physician. The treatment includes ICSI or Assisted Hatching if necessary.

For non-conventional IVF cycles, i.e. treatment involving egg donation, surrogacy or both, the portion refunded is a fixed amount not based on any percentage of the initial fee.

The in-cycle services include:

  • Medical services provided by a PFCLA physician in our clinic, including clinical monitoring, egg retrieval, embryo transfer and in-cycle medical consultations related to IVF.
  • Services of the IVF laboratory, including the in-vitro fertilization procedure, cryopreservation and storage of embryos, if any, and a blood test for the diagnosis of pregnancy, if it is performed in our laboratory.
  • Subsequent transfer of any frozen/thawed embryos within a one-year period as part of the three (3) cycles included in the Refund Plan. The first cycle is considered initiated with the start of fertility medications.

The non-refundable costs are:

  • Drug therapy involved in ovarian stimulation and preparing the uterus for implantation.
  • The services of an outside urologist (e.g. for testicular sperm extraction TESE or MESA).
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Assisted Hatching.
  • Anesthesia.
  • PGD
  • Surrogate and/or egg donor related fees such as agency, screening, legal, coordination and compensation fees.
  • Any medical treatment requiring the services of non-PFCLA physicians and/or facilities.

Note: Fees are subject to change without advance notice. If the couple or individual and PFCLA have executed a financial agreement, the price stated in the agreement will be honored for the cycle, regardless of any increase in fees occurring after the document was signed.

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