Mini IVF: Outstanding Success Rates with a Reduced Cost

Our doctors offer mini IVF treatment at Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles, CA, to patients who have had difficulty conceiving on their own. This treatment continues to gain in popularity and is chosen by patients for a variety of reasons. Mini IVF is similar to traditional IVF, but uses a reduced amount of fertility medication, resulting in fewer eggs being released. Mini IVF may be a good option for patients who have been unsuccessful with traditional IVF treatments and those who would like to conceive with minimal hormonal stimulation.

Why Choose Mini IVF?

Also known as minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization, mini IVF is very similar to traditional IVF, but uses less medication to stimulate egg production. This treatment allows patients to avoid administering daily injections of hormonal medications, which can increase the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). Mini IVF may also be recommended for patients who have not been successful with other fertility treatments. Many patients who are opposed to traditional treatment for personal or religious reasons may also prefer the low-dosage approach of mini IVF.

Because mini IVF requires much less fertility medication than traditional treatment, the overall costs are reduced, making it a more affordable option for patients.
Sperm under a microscope

Similar to traditional and natural IVF, this treatment may still require the use of other medications and hormone supplements. Mini IVF is an ideal treatment for patients under 35 years of age who suffer from tubal factor infertility, and we have also realized great success rates with other diagnoses. Your doctor can help you determine which treatment method is best-suited for you.

Advantages of Mini IVF

Because mini IVF requires much less fertility medication than traditional treatment, the overall costs can be reduced, making it a more affordable option for patients. This reduction in fertility medication also lowers the patient's risk of developing OHSS.

Recent studies from researchers at Stanford University, Michigan State University, and the University of Michigan, have also shown that administering higher levels of certain fertility medications may be associated with a lower live birth rate. This negative correlation suggests that some patients may be better-suited for natural or mini IVF cycles.

Disadvantages of Mini IVF

There are disadvantages with mini IVF cycles that patients should take into consideration. Mini IVF has a lower success rate than traditional treatment. In some cases, this can actually increase the cost of mini IVF if you require additional treatment cycles. Additionally, this technique does not typically produce surplus viable embryos that can be saved and used at a later date, as in traditional IVF.

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The best way to determine which IVF treatment method is right for you and your family is to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists. You and your doctor can discuss your medical history, diagnosis, personal preferences, and your budget to determine whether mini IVF is the ideal treatment method for you. Regardless of your age, diagnosis, or financial situation, the doctors at Pacific Fertility Center are dedicated to helping you succeed in having a baby.

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