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A thermometer held over a Fertility Chart illustrates a step in the IVF Cycle

IVF Cycle Overview

There are many steps involved in an IVF cycle, which begins with the start of a patient’s menstrual period. The patient (or couple) receives detailed at-home instructions and attends several clinic appointments. The end goal is pregnancy, when patient care is transferred to the selected OB/GYN.

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Medical staff examine blood vial during IVF testing procedure

IVF Testing

When the IVF cycle begins, a number of pre-treatment tests will be ordered by your doctor. Some tests are mandated by state and federal law, while testing required by Pacific Fertility Center is customized to each patient. Tests often include blood tests, ultrasound, and a semen analysis for the male partner.

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Two couples chat in waiting room, both women pregnant after IVF treatment

IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an advanced method used to help infertile women and couples conceive. Your own (or donor) eggs and sperm are used for fertilization in a lab, and the resulting selected embryos are placed in the mother's uterus. Success rates with this technique have greatly improved, and our center's rates are exceptional.

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Rendering of a woman's uterus and ovaries illustrating ovarian stimulation

Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation through medication is an important part of the IVF process, increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy. Various medications are used, including birth control pills, fertility medications, and hormones. Patients work as a team with our experienced doctors and staff, ensuring the best possible outcome.

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Woman in hospital bed undergoes IVF monitoring by physician

IVF Monitoring

Patients are carefully monitored throughout the IVF cycle, which includes home counsel and office visits for regular blood tests and ultrasounds. At Pacific Fertility Center, highly trained staff and technicians assist our physicians in providing cycle monitoring. For out-of-town patients, some procedures can be handled locally.

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Rendering illustrates an embryo transfer in IVF procedure

IVF Procedures

At Pacific Fertility Center, the basic IVF process begins with egg retrieval from the patient, followed by fertilization with sperm in the laboratory. A few days later, embryo transfer occurs, with a number of embryos introduced into the patient’s uterus. Additional techniques may be used to enhance the chances of pregnancy.

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Rendering of sperm injected into an egg in ICSI procedure


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a method used to optimize fertilization rates when a limited amount of quality sperm is available. A single sperm is injected directly into an egg, increasing the chance of conception. Our embryologists perform the delicate ICSI procedure with expert precision, avoiding injury to the egg.

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Rendering of IVF technique of Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is a tool that can be used to improve IVF success for some patients. Most often recommended for women over age 37, the technique involves thinning or puncturing the outer shell of an embryo. This makes it easier for the embryo to break out of its shell and attach to the uterine wall.

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Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Many of our patients choose to have genetic testing performed as part of their fertility treatment. These evaluations can be used to identify any chromosomal abnormalities or conditions that may be passed on. In some cases, genetic testing can be helpful in determining the cause of male or female infertility.

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Female doctor discusses IVF risks and complications with young couple

IVF Risks and Complications

There are risks and possible complications with any medical procedure, and choosing a highly experienced doctor is the best way to decrease your chance of problems. Some IVF patients experience side effects from fertility medication or problems after surgery, but serious complications at Pacific Fertility Center are very rare.

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Laboratory work prior to frozen embryo transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer

If an initial IVF cycle is unsuccessful, reserved frozen embryos can be a cost-effective alternative to repeating the harvesting process. We offer many types of frozen transfer protocols, including natural, medicated, and partially medicated. These are customized to fit patients’ physical needs and logistical and financial considerations.

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A Natural IVF patient shown in delivery room with attending medical personnel

Natural IVF

For a number of reasons, some patients at Pacific Fertility Center choose to pursue IVF while forgoing medication normally taken to stimulate egg production. The natural IVF process is essentially the same but performed without ovulation stimulants, which some patients, including those with cancer, are unable to use.

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A Mini IVF patient injects medication into her thigh

Mini IVF

Mini IVF is offered for our patients who have medical or ideological opposition to IVF medications, or who have been unsuccessful with standard IVF. A smaller amount of medication is used and a smaller number of eggs are retrieved from the patient. Mini IVF is similar to natural IVF, but utilizes some medication.

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Two happy mothers hold babies, examples of IVF Success Rates

IVF Success Rates

At Pacific Fertility Center, we are proud of our extraordinary rates of success with IVF. Our successes include patients who have failed with other fertility doctors, and we never turn a difficult case away. Success rates are publicly available online at the Center for Disease Control website.

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IVF Cost

At Pacific Fertility Center, we understand that IVF treatment is expensive, and we work with patients to keep costs down whenever possible. We were the first in our field to offer a Refund Plan, sharing the financial risks with patients. We also offer discounts, special pricing packages, and payment plans.

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